COP26関連イベント:The Clean Energy Start-up Pitch Battle

野北 和宏

COP26(国連気候変動枠組条約第26回締約国会議)が開催されているイギリスのグラスゴー。その関連イベントとして、世界中のクリーンエネルギー関係のベンチャー企業が3分間のピッチでバトルを繰り広げる、The Clean Energy Start-up Pitch Battleが開催されています。

バトルでは、1位がMineral Carbonation Int’l (Australia)、2位がPJP Eye (Japan)だったようです。「化石賞」の2位の日本と3位のオーストラリアが、クリーンエネルギーのベンチャー企業のコンペで2位と1位を受賞したことはすごく喜ばしいことです。

日本のメディアでは、「化石賞」なるネガティブな賞の報道はありましたが、The Clean Energy Start-up Pitch Battleのようなポジティブなイベントの紹介は見当たりません。ぜひ全国放送とか新聞でこの前向きなイベントを大々的に取り上げてもらいたいと思います。


1. Brayfoil Technologies (South Africa) – Wind turbine blades. We are building the future of wind turbine blades – biomimicry-inspired morphing structures that change shape like bird’s wings to increase outputs and reliability, while enabling the next generation of larger turbines.

2. Carnot Engines (UK) – Zero carbon power units. Carnot is developing game-changing power units with twice the efficiency, half the fuel consumption and zero CO2 emissions. 

3. Cemvita Factory (USA) – Carbon-negative chemicals. Cemvita applies synthetic biology to reverse climate change. We engineer microbes that can utilise CO2 as a feedstock for the production of carbon-negative industrial chemicals, helping heavy industries to decarbonise. 

4. CO2 CirculAir (Netherlands) – SMART-DAC, wind driven carbon capture technology! Imagine chemical industry that collects feedstock from air! Imagine planes flying in the air on fuels produced from air! Imagine a circular economy with no need for fossil fuels! Can you imagine? We can! 

5. Mineral Carbonation Int’l (Australia) – Carbon transformation. What if you could permanently store billions of tonnes of carbon and create buildings, infrastructure and inputs for manufacturing? MCi can achieve negative emissions, new industries and a profit in the circular economy. 

6. PJP Eye (Japan) – Commercialised plant-based carbon batteries, “Cambrian”, that are carbon neutral and help solve climate change. 10x faster charging without risk of explosion, 20 years’ battery life, 100 % recyclable, revolutionising the renewable energy industry. 

7. Saile (UK) – Offshore delivery. Saile’s mission is to change how the world delivers offshore. Through digitisation, Saile brings efficiency gains and emissions reductions to offshore industries. Our customers don’t hire a boat to deliver cargo, they Ship with Saile. 

8. Solatom (Spain) – Concentrated solar. Started in a small garage, Solatom now promises to be a relevant actor in the energy transition with its modular concentrated solar plant, hybrid boiler and potential to produce green hydrogen. 

9. Syzygy Plasmonics (USA) – Electrifying chemical production. We’re developing a first of kind photocatalytic reactor to electrify chemical production. When powered by renewables, our platform technology will dramatically cut costs & emissions from many different chemical reactions. 

10. S2G Energy (Mexico) – Digital energy efficiency services. By making energy efficiency look easy, we’re changing the relationship between commercial and industrial operations and their energy use. Our Energy Assistant technology builds a customised path to impact and net zero.